Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete – Be Subtle or Outrageous!


Acid stained concrete

Our clients at Custom Concrete Guys choose decorative stained concrete flooring for a couple of key reasons: the ability to create stunning, unique, one-of-a-kind designs; and achieve these results at a very reasonable cost…for as little as $2 per square foot.

Another important feature of stained concrete – the color will not fade, peel or chip away. And unlike carpeting, tile or wood floors, it is not vulnerable to water damage, tearing or mold…indeed, when installed and sealed properly it will last a lifetime with simple maintenance.

We use acid-based stains to slightly etch the surface along with metallic salts to penetrate the concrete with a permanent color design. Unlike simple paint, the stains permeate into the concrete with rich, translucent tones. The color choices for this technique are more on the subtle side i.e. soft blue greens and earthy shades like terra cotta, tans and browns…but the results are beautiful. We can even mix and blend two colors to create different shades that will dazzle you beyond belief!

If the color palette of the acid-based stains is a little too subdued, we go with the water-based acrylic stains. With this option, we can go wild and create almost unlimited color hues ranging from translucent to opaque, including metallic tints. And we can get really fancy creating faux finishes, and borders with saw cutting and sandblasting.

Beautiful stained concrete finishAnother option is to incorporate a gelled stain with stencils to create totaling unique artistic patterns. We can even work with your company or sports team logo! Obviously, this requires more elaborate preparation, special design techniques, more intensive labor and is therefore more costly.

Our talented team can work with you on either new or existing concrete surfaces, indoors (floors, entryways, counter-tops) or outdoors (driveways, pool decks, patios).

Give Custom Concrete Guys a call today and we’ll work with you in creating something spectacular!

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