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Decorative Stamped Concrete

patio installation with stamped concreteOne of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to add a little sizzle, and great curb appeal. Nothing does this any better than a nice driveway, porch, patio, pool deck or walkway with an attractive stamped concrete design that looks exactly like the real thing…cobblestone, slate, etc. We even work with more complex features like steps and fountains.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice because it is relatively quick to install and thus much less costly than natural stone. It’s perfect for pool decks, patios, driveways, entry ways, courtyards and more.

Additionally, the patterns, textures and color options are absolutely unlimited giving you the opportunity to create something very pleasing to the eye with a basic installation up to a visual showpiece with a more complex layout.

Another important feature of stamped concrete is durability. Installed and maintained correctly, it is one of the most long-lasting paving options available. It will last for decades if properly cared for. It is resistant to UV light and highly resistant to cracking. All it requires is a little TLC like cleaning and resealing every few years which is something you can easily do yourself (resealing, not installation!).

At Custom Concrete Guys, we work with both existing concrete and new pours. Existing concrete requires a little more preparation work and thus a bit more labor on the overall job. We’ll need to add about an inch of height to any existing slab before we work our magic with the stamp patters, but not a big deal.

Driveway installation with stamped concreteNo need to worry about slippage with this product. Because it has a slight texture to it, it is generally more resistant to slippage compared to regular concrete. Nevertheless, it can be a little slippery when wet and in high-traffic areas that are frequently wet, like swimming pool decks, we add a little “secret sauce” to virtually minimize this issue.

How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost?

As you might imagine, the total project cost will vary depending on several factors. Key among them are square footage, pattern, textures, colors, preparation work, and of course, labor.

The best way to get a more precise cost is to give Custom Concrete Guys a call and we’ll figure out together the best cost alternative for your project. We’ll be happy to show you our portfolio and samples to ensure you get exactly what you want at the most reasonable price…guaranteed!

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